Custom Dolls

Have a special someone you'd like to see lose their head? We can help!

We offer a custom doll service where we can create a decapitated (or otherwise mangled) doll in historical or contemporary attire with the general likeness of an individual of your choosing. These dolls make morbidly wonderful gifts! (After all, nothing expresses fondness quite like chopping off someone’s head… just ask King Henry VIII!)

Of course there are limits as to how much an effigy will look like the person who inspired it, but we can work with hair colors and styles, basic body types, eye colors, gender, and general age range. Dolls are dressed in outfits that reflect the fashion and color scheme chosen by you, with as much or as little adornments as you desire.

To have a custom doll made, we'll need a general description of the character (or better yet, a good photo!), the historical region and period desired (French Revolution, Tudor England, Ancient Egypt, Contemporary, etc...), a color scheme for the costume, and a general idea of what size range of doll you'd like. Keep in mind that size is often determined by availability, so a "large" doll may be over 30" tall while a "small" doll could be less than 12". We can even do full-sized mannequins on request. Once you give us the basic idea of what you'd like, we'll work with you to add in the details and then create your doll to those specifications.

Because these custom dolls are basically commissions for having artwork created, there are no refunds or exchanges for custom dolls.

Custom dolls require a 50% non-refundable deposit for us to begin working on them. Once the doll is completed, we will e-mail you with a photo of the doll for final approval. Once approved, the remaining balance will be due within 10 days. No dolls will be shipped before payment is received.

Dolls are shipped within four business days after the balance has been paid using whichever shipping method was specified with the initial order. Custom dolls that have outstanding balances for longer than 30 days, or are returned to us as being undeliverable by the postal services, will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of however we see fit.

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