Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

Born sometime around 1680, very little is known about the early life of the man who would become one of the most notorious and feared pirates of all time. He first appears to turn toward unsavory ways in 1713 by joining the crew of pirate Benjamin Hornigold after serving on an English war ship . When Hornigold retired, Teach struck out on his own by taking a captured ship and renaming it "Queen Anne's Revenge".

Teach worked hard at cultivating a truly terrifying image which earned him the reputation of being one of the most fearsome pirates of his time. He grew his beard full and twisted it into heavy coils tied with ribbons. He went into battle heavily armed and with an oversized cutlass. He was rumored to have lit fuses in his beard or under his hat to give himself a more infernal appearance when confronting his foes. Stories about his acts of cruelty toward both friend and foe became widespread.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Teach generally treated his captives well as long as they cooperated and handed over their goods and treasures without a fight. Those who resisted him often found themselves maimed or marooned while their ships burned.

On November 21, 1718 Teach's ship was engaged by Lieutenant Robert Maynard, who had been commanded to put an end to Teach's piracy. After a few small scuffles throughout the night, Teach boarded Maynard's ship the following day while unaware that the majority of Maynard's crew was hidden below the deck. After a bloody battle, the great Blackbeard was killed. During the fight he had been shot five times and stabbed no less than fifteen times before he finally succumbed to blood loss. His head was removed and put on display while his body thrown overboard.


Blackbeard is a reworked large vinyl doll who stands 21" tall. He is dressed in a rough cotton shirt under a sueded cloth vest with black pants. Three pistols are strapped across his chest and he wears a thick leather belt that holsters a bloodied knife. In his hand he holds some treasure, strands of faux beads and golden coins.

His body is covered with gunshot and stab wounds and is bloodied from his final battle and some bone protrudes from the neck stump.

His severed head is attached to his other hand. His large eyes are clouded over in a death-stare and he bleeds from his nose and mouth as well as the nasty wounds on his face. A sueded burgundy headwrap is worn over his long black hair, and his infamous twisted beard is adorned with satin burgundy ribbons.

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