Monday, December 16, 2013

Julia Agrippina


Also known as "Agrippina the Younger", Julia was the wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius and mother to the infamous Emperor Nero.

Known throughout history for being a woman of exceptional ambition and cunning, she helped orchestrate the downfall of the former Empress before taking her place at the widower Emperor's side.

To ensure herself a long-term position of power, Agrippina convinced her husband to adopt Nero (her son from a previous marriage) and name him as his heir after marrying him to Claudius's daughter Octavia. When Claudius began to have second thoughts about leaving the Empire to Nero, Agrippina had him murdered.

The epitome of a stage mother, Agrippina was never far from her son's ear when it came to ruling over Rome. When his attentions waned, it is widely rumored that she even seduced him in order to keep him loyal to her. Eventually Nero grew tired of his mother's meddling and schemed to have her killed by staging a series of "accidents" - all of which Agrippina successfully avoided. Finally Nero did away with the subtleties and sent some assassins to her house where she was stabbed to death.

There are two stories that account for the ghastly mutilation of her lower abdomen. Some claim that Agrippina herself ordered her murderers to strike her in the stomach, distraught over the thought of her son calling for her death. Another account, which is certainly not uncharacteristic of Nero, was that the upon viewing her body the Emperor ordered that her womb be cut open so that he might see where he came from.


Agrippina is a reworked vinyl doll that stands approx. 14" tall and has hand-painted features. She wears a white satin gown and palla with royal purple ribbon trim. She has brown painted shoes and wears amber and gold beaded bracelets and a necklace with a tiny coin ornament.

Agrippina's face has been deeply slashed with a sword, and her hands are also blooded. Her gown is ripped open to reveal the gory wound and partial disembowelment of the stomach and womb.


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