Monday, December 16, 2013

Marie Marguerite de Brinvilliers - Version 1

The wife of the Marquis , who spent much of his time spending his wife’s money and philandering around with his young mistresses. Marie soon took on a lover of her own, an officer named Gaudin de Saint-Croix. The affair did not upset her husband, but greatly troubled her father who arranged to have Saint-Croix imprisoned.

Saint-Croix was released from the Bastille with the new knowledge of poisons, courtesy of his cellmate. He shared these secrets with Marie, who began plotting to kill her father. Soon many people around Paris were dying without explanation as Marie practiced with her poisons, including Druex de’Abray. Marie went on to attempt to kill her husband on several occasions without success. It was believed that Saint-Croix, not wishing to marry Marie, was slipping her unwitting husband the antidotes.

In 1676 she was brought to the scaffold to pay for her crimes, being convicted with the help of a memoir she carelessly wrote outlining the details of her many poisonings along with a chest of poisons Saint-Croix had willed to her.


Marie Brinvilliers is a reworked vinyl doll that stands 12" tall and has hand-painted features. She wears a cream-colored brocade dress with floral patterns and hand-sewn beaded accents over a mint green satin underskirt. Tiny rosebuds accent the bodice.

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