Monday, December 16, 2013

Marie Thérèse Louise de Savoie-Carignan (Princess Lamballe) - Version 1

Marie Thérèse was born September 8, 1749 to the House of Savoy. She was married to Louis Alexandre Stanislaus de Bourbon, prince of Lambelle and she became the Princess de Lamballe. Her marriage was cut short by the death of her husband just a year later in 1768. Present in French court life, she became very close friends with Marie Antoinette, who after becoming Queen of France appointed Marie Thérèse as superintendent of the royal household.

Marie Thérèse was very close to the Queen, which brought about her untimely end during the French Revolution. Refusing to take an oath against the monarchy, she became the most famous victim of the September Massacres on Sept. 3, 1790 when she was attacked by a bloodthirsty mob. Beheaded by the crude blades of revolutionaries, it is rumored that she was also dismembered and that the pieces of her body were paraded outside of Marie Antoinette's window. Other records indicate that her headless body was delivered intact and was properly buried.


Marie Thérèse is a very large reworked vinyl doll that stands approx. 26" tall. She wears a silky cream underskirt with a purple lace overlay that has hand-sewn acrylic pearls accenting it. The thick plush purple velvet overdress is extravagantly trimmed with lace, cream ribbon, and lots of hand-sewn pearls. Across her shoulders she wears a golden sheer shawl with pearl-trimmed lace edges. A large pearl pendant is attached around what is left of her neck by a purple satin ribbon.

Her lower arms and face are cut and bloodied as a result of her terrible ordeal. The jagged edges of the severed neck show protruding bone and heavy blood flow. Her facial features are hand-painted, and in her disarrayed hair is the tattered remains of a pearled hair ornament. This large doll can be moved into a sitting position.

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