Monday, December 16, 2013

Polly Nichols

Born Mary Ann Walker in 1845, "Polly" married William Nichols when she was twenty-two years old. Over the next 24 years the couple separated numerous times, the final incident being in 1881. Although he kept their five children, William continued to support Polly until a year later when he discovered that she had taken up prostitution.

For the next five years, Polly moved from one workhouse to another, but ultimately resumed her status as a prostitute.

On August 30, 1888 Polly was expelled from a flophouse for being unable to pay her rent. She curtly told the landlord that she would return that evening with the money. She then began her stroll down Whitechapel Road.

In the early hours of August 31st, Polly's body was discovered. At first glance she appeared to have been just another bangtail with her throat cut, but on closer investigation it was discovered that her abdomen had been sliced open and her inner organs exposed. Thus, the unfortunate Polly Nichols went down in history as the first known victim of the notorious "Jack the Ripper".


This large vinyl doll stands approx. 24" tall. This doll will not stand up by herself. She has movable arms and bendable knees. Using a large doll stand to display her is recommended (not included).

She wears a green-grey brocade dress with muslin sleeves and a lace-trimmed muslin underskirt. Her dress and her blonde hair is caked with "mud" and she wears flat vinyl shoes. Her throat is cut and her large eyes are glazed over in a death-stare.

Polly's dress is ripped down the torso to display her mutilated body. Her sculpted ribcage and intestines are clearly visible and the lower intestine protrudes outside the body cavity.

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