Monday, December 16, 2013

Princess Élisabeth Philippine Marie Hélène - Version 2

Also known as Madame Elisabeth, she was the younger sister of King Louis XVI to whom she was very devoted, even refusing to marry so that she could remain with him. During the Revolution, she accompanied the king and his family as they attempted to escape the country and was arrested along with them and brought back to Paris. She remained with Marie Antoinette until the queen was taken to another prison and executed a few months later. The queen’s last letter, penned hours before her death, was addressed to Elisabeth although she never received it.

Seven months after Marie’s death, Elisabeth herself was taken to stand trial before the Tribunal on charges of assisting the king’s flight, providing funds to royalists, and other assorted crimes. The completely outrageous charge of molesting her nephew, the royal Dauphin, was also brought against her. Although the accusation was meant to defame her and inspire hatred in the people's attitude towards her, the public in general believed the charge was false and greatly sympathized with Elisabeth. However she was found guilty of the other charges and faced the guillotine on May 10,1794.


Madame Elisabeth is a vinyl doll that stands approx. 11" tall. She wears a sky blue silk underskirt beneath a colorful peachy-pink silk gown trimmed with wide white lace and floral garland trim. The bodice is also trimmed around the waist and neckline with a ruffled white lace.

Elisabeth's severed head has hand-painted blue eyes and wears her beautiful long chestnut hair gathered up on top of her head and pinned with a headpiece of floral garland and long white feathers.

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