Monday, December 16, 2013

Benita Falkenhayn

Benita von Falkenhayn, also known as Baroness von Berg, had the distinction not only of being one of the last people to be legally beheaded by the heading axe in Germany, but also to have been the first female aristocrat to lose her head to the Nazi New Justice.

Once of the lover of Polish intelligence agent Major Jerzy Sosnowski, Benita put some distance between them by marrying the Baron von Berg. However she and her husband remained on friendly terms with Sosnowski and mingled within the same social circles. Rumors of Sosnowski's activity in espionage began to surface, although charges were unable to be proven.

In February 1935, the Nazis raided a party at which the Baroness, her husband, and Sosnowski were in attendence. Over fifty people were rushed off to jail and several were released after being cleared of charges of espionage and other crimes. Though secrecy shrouded the Nazi proceedings, it eventually became known that the Baroness von Berg, along with Sosnowski's mistress Renate von Natzmer, were sentenced to death. On February 18, 1935 both women were taken to the block at Plotzensee Prison in Berlin and decapitated by the axe.

In 1938, Adolph Hitler decreed that all future executions be done by hanging or guillotine.


Our version of the Baroness stands 20" tall and wears an elegant sage green satin evening gown beneath a long coat of hunter green suede velvet trimmed with rabbit fur. Around what is left of her neck is an acrylic pearl necklace, and the front of her dress is adorned with antiqued lace.

The Baroness's severed blonde head is secured to her hand, and the bloodied stumps show the muscle tissue and part of the spinal column.

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