Monday, December 16, 2013

Isadora Duncan

Born in California in 1877, Isadora was brought up with her three siblings in a household filled with art and creative expression. At a young age Isadora exhibited a great love for dancing, although she did not find acceptance in her style until she went to London and danced her way through Europe. Fond of skimpy Grecian costumes and free-form dance style, Americans criticized her while Europeans embraced her. In 1904 she opened her first academic and dance school in Germany where she focused on children from lower class homes. Several other schools would follow across Europe.

Isadora's love for children was well-known, although she believed marriage was a very restrictive arrangement and therefore avoided it. However, tragedy struck when her own two children drowned along with their governess is a terrible automobile accident. Following the death of her beloved children, Isadora stopped dancing for a while but rekindled her life a few years later when she "adopted" several of her students who would come to perform on stage with her.

On September 14, 1927, Isadora met an untimely death caused by her habit of wearing extremely long scarves that trailed behind her. While riding in an automobile with a friend, the end of her scarf was caught in the open-spoke wheel and wrapped around the axel, pulling Isadora out of the car as it sped away and breaking her neck instantly.


Our Isadora doll stands 24" tall and is barefoot and bare-breasted, the manner in which she scandalized American audiences. She is clad in a sheer sky blue chiffon costume with a golden tasseled waist tie. Around her neck is the fatal scarf, the shorter section drapes down her breast while the longer end is stained with grease and tire marks and falls down behind her. Her flower-adorned head is slightly jolted to the right as a result of the dislocated spinal column.

Isadora's body is covered with gravel and the left side of her face and body is covered with bloody and gritty abrasions from being dragged down the road during her terrible ordeal.

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