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Born around 545 AD, Brunhilde was the wife of King Sigebert of Austrasia (Now northeastern France and western Germany) whom she married in 567.

When Sigebert was assassinated in 575, Brunhilde pushed for her son Childebert II to inherit the kingdom, a plan that was thwarted by the nobles. Her son eventually inherited Burgundy before he died, and Brunhilde then supported her grandsons to eventually inherit both Burgundy and Austrasia. As the struggle for power grew more complicated, it is said that Brunhilde had one of her grandsons murder the other before championing the cause of her great-grandson Sigebert II.

The nobles refused to acknowledge her claims and appointed Chlotar II as king. Chlotar promptly executed both Brunhilde and Sigebert II in 613. Brunhilde was tied to the back of a wild horse and was literally torn apart as she was dragged across the ground.


Brunhilde is a reworked vinyl doll that stands approx. 12" tall and has a delicate thin latex skin layer that is tattered and caked with hand-painted mud and blood to resemble the terrible wounds of her ordeal. Her left arm is completely torn from her body and the wrist binds are tangled within her matted blonde hair so that the arm dangles beside her. Another frayed rope is tied around her right wrist. Her back is torn to a bloody pulp where she was most likely kicked by the horse repeatedly as it galloped off.

She is dressed in a very simple suede cloth gown adorned with decorative metal discs. Around her neck is a beaded necklace with a gold-accented claw ornament.

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