Monday, December 16, 2013

Louis Capet (King Louis XVI)

Better known as King Louis XVI. Born August 24, 1754, Louis Capet would grow up to replace his grandfather (Louis XV) on the French throne since his own father had died young. in 1770, at the age of fifteen, he married Marie Antoinette. the marriage remained unconsummated for several years due to a sexual disfunction that Louis suffered from, but eventually that was remedied and they had four children.

At first Louis was well-loved by his people, but over the years the country dropped further and further into debt. In 1789 he ordered the first election of the National Assembly, which was one of the events that begun the Revolution. Although still a popular king, Louis was prone towards bouts of severe depression during which time his queen would assume the responsibility of speaking for the crown. Marie Antoinette was extremely unpopular by the people, and the king's own popularity soon suffered for it.

As food shortages ran rampant through France and hostilities from the people grew, Louis attempted to take his family and escape France in June of 1791. Captured before he could leave the country, he and his family were returned to Paris and put under house arrest until August of 1972 when he was formally arrested by the National Tribunal. Declared as an enemy of the people and stripped of all his titles, the now-citizen Louis Capet was tried and found guilty of high treason in December. In January he was sentenced to death and he was guillotined on January 21, 1793.


Our Louis XVI is a very large doll standing 28" tall. His royal robes are made with a floral tapestry-like pattern and lined in faux fur. A large rhinestone medallion hangs from a golden braided cord around his shoulders. Beneath his robe he is clad in a suit of grey satin with silver organza sleeves and silver ribbons at his knees. He also wears hand-molded grey shoes.

His large severed neck displays a great amount of gory detail, including the severed spinal bone, muscle tissue, esophagus and trachea. He has hand-painted features and his blue eyes are glazed over in a whitened death stare.

This doll is very top-heavy and will require a large and sturdy doll stand for display (not included) or the doll can also be moved into a sitting position. This doll will not stand on his own.

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