Monday, December 16, 2013

Gaius Julius Ceasar

Rome's most famous dictator was born around 100 BC. Beginning his career in the army, he led an invasion into England and greatly glorified the Roman Republic. In 65 BC he developed an interest in politics and was appointed to organize public entertainment in Rome. He took well to this task and won the approval of the common citizens who enjoyed the various festivals and circuses he arranged.

In 58 BC he was appointed to be governor of Gaul, where he successfully conquered more land for the expanding republic. He was well-respected and loved by the soldiers he commanded, but his growing ambitions earned him the resentment and suspicions of the politicians.

In 49 BC the Roman Senate ordered him to return control of his army to them, and order that he refused. Instead he advanced with his army into Italy and then onto Rome itself, and in 45 BC he took the position of dictator of Rome.

After he removed some of the Senators that opposed him with men who were loyal to him, the displaced politicians grew fearful and resentful of his ever-growing ego and plotted his downfall. In 44 BC they stabbed him to death in the Senate House.


Julius Caesar is a reworked vinyl doll that stands approx. 15" tall and wears an authentically wrapped white cotton toga with a burgundy satin ribbon and hand stitched gold trim.

Over a dozen stab wounds of varying depths are visible on his face, arms, and through tears in the fabric. His toga is stained with blood from his ordeal.

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